Celebrate with us!

We welcome kids ages 4 to 15.

There is so much more to Italian cuisine than spaghetti with meatballs! If your kid loves classic Italian food, our classes are what you are looking for. Join us for a 100% hands-on pasta-making class featuring techniques that can easily be recreated at home for friends and family. We will focus on proper measuring, classic techniques, kneading, working cleanly, and creativity. We will walk them through every single step from cracking the eggs to shaping the dough, the kids will bring home what they made.

What we provide

  • all the ingredients and tools to make Pasta from scratch (gluten free and egg-free option available)
  • a kneading station for each kid
  • Italian themed chef’s hat to bring home
  • Italian chef cook mustaches (yep, for girls too!!! Otherwise where is the fun?!?😜)
  • apron
  • container to bring home pasta
  • pasta recipe
  • pictures taken during the party
  • final clean up

What you provide

  • location
  • food, beverage and cake


$45 each

We require a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 12. Travel /holiday fees may be applied.

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