Kids Pasta-Making Program


Our pasta-making programs are fun and educational. Join us in our interactive activities in Naperville (IL) and surroundings. We bring to you all the necessary and ingredients to teach your kids how to make tasty pasta from scratch in the comfort of your own kitchen. The virtual option is available as well.

Making pasta with kids is a great way to educate them about good nutrition and fresh ingredients. Expand their horizons by getting students in the kitchen through a healthy pasta making club! It’s a great sensory activity to help them feel the rough texture of the flour and show them how it turns into a soft dough after adding eggs and water. And what about the funniest part?  They will shape it in bow-tie farfalle, linguine, fettuccine and garganelli. Don’t forget that they are getting ready the dinner for you!

Our program includes a foundation of learning that enhances what kids learn in the scholastic environment:

  • Organization skills
  • Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Working as a team
  • Cooperation
  • Taking turns
  • Math

Basic reading and math skills are used daily, as students follow recipes, learn to measure, and double or half the amounts of ingredients.


Basic math, language skills and self-confidence.

As kids learn to make pasta from scratch, they also gain new science, language and math skills. Basic math skills (“How many eggs do we need?”) and sequencing skills (“What is first … next … last?”) give way to fractions (“Is this ¾ of a cup?”) as your child gains confidence in the kitchen. Also, reading recipes helps improve reading comprehension. 

  • A kitchen is a learning lab for children that can involve all of their senses. While kneading, mixing, squeezing, smelling, cutting, and feeling foods they have fun and learn without being aware of it.
  • Children who cook at home indicate a “sense of accomplishment,”  self-confidence, and feeling of contributing to their families.
  • They spend time baking and kneading instead of engaged in screen time.
  • Cooking can build positive memories that promote future healthy, enjoyable cooking elsewhere.

Price includes all the ingredients, tools, and final clean up.

Kids under 4 are FREE with a paying attendant

  • In-person: $25.00 each kid
  • Zoom: $25.00 each kid

If you don’t see the right program for your kids just contact us!